Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Shaun talks about the characterization of Mersault on p.10 paragraph 2 at his mothers funeral. Ashley said that Mersault doesn’t show respect for his mom. She also says the stranger is Mersault to his mom. I say Mersault is the stranger to the world and acts like he doesn’t know or care about anyone so he won’t be disappointed when something bad happens to them. I wonder if he even cares about himself. Danielle agrees with Ashley about how shady it was of Mersault not to want to see his mother’s body. Cathleen then adds to the argument that Mersault is emotionless on the bottom of pg.24 when Mersault went to work and nothing changed. Mark loves the main character, he talks about how he is laid back and doesn’t make up his mind. William then spoke about the shooting on pg.80 when Mersault says it was like a game. Ricki then brought up some Camus history about how he loved a woman named Francine but they never married. Camus is always contradicting happiness and sadness. Rodney disagrees with Ashley and Danielle and Cathleen because he thinks Mersault has respect for his mom. Rodney thinks Mersault is just embarrassed and ashamed and partially accountable for her death.
Shaun speaks about the book not being about Mersault and how its about being a stranger to society and the way you choose to live your life letting nothing bother you. Steff Pierre went to talk about the murder on pg.59. She brings up Mersault’s head hurting and burning up and how he could have went back to his friends cabin. How Mersualt uses the sun as an excuse for walking towards the arab and she talks about the symbols of the sun and the personification of the world; Mersault is cold and machinelike. Still on the topic of the murder Ronald jumps in saying the sun sparkd his emotions and when Mersault shattered the exceptional happiness of the day like the beach with Maria (pg.50).Mark agrees with Ronald and Marks says Mersault pauses after the first shot because he realizes how angry he is. Danielle totally agrees saying this is his grieving over his mothers death and that Mersault jus broke down. Ashley did some research over the past day or so on Camus and found out that he grew up poor, his father died on him and he and mom were not close and Camus married a drug addict. Kevin went back to the murder and said how the film over his eyes was Mersault’s way of crying from the inside. Danielle then talks about how he never grew up to knew how to express his feelings. Ashley talks more about Camus’ beliefs and how he says there is no sin and if we know ourselves totally then we should die. Very depressing and can tell Camus had some pipe dreams in his time. Mark talks about Solomano and how he and his dog represents the love that should have been between Mersualt and his mom. Steff agrees with mark. Then Ronald brings up a great point about on pg.39 when Mersault jus starts to think about his mom when he reminds himself he needs to go to bed. Mersault doesn’t take the time to think or live or feel anything because he’s afraid of inevitably being hurt.
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There is only one real reason why I chose this particular document for my blog post. Well, this is one of my blogs on the book The Stranger. This book was very eerie and I can see why it stirrs up some controversy